About DCI

What sets DCI apart from other firms is our seasoned history of . . .

PROVEN SUCCESS that has spanned extreme economic tides and vast evolutions in technology across three decades. TRENDS change. PRINCIPLES NEVER CHANGE. Drawing upon our many years of Madison Avenue and Fortune 500 experience, DCI crafts powerful Communcations based on sound marketing principles – this is at the of very core of DCI’s value proposition. No matter the channel or the technology, nor the cultural flavor of the day, its the message that counts! The RIGHT message to the RIGHT target audience equals YOUR SUCCESS!

The most important thing to remember is . . . DCI GUARANTEES RESULTS!


DCI is a media services firm that has developed strategies and produced advanced, result’s driven communications tools that have been focal points in over $1.5 billion in marketing, advertising and training budgets. DCI has been producing film & video since 1983 from its studios in NYC. The ownership team, with over 60 years of combined experience, re-located to their native South Carolina, operating from the Charleston, SC market since 1992. The firm has been developing interactive multimedia since 1993, websites since 1995 and DVD’s since 1998.

Today, the firm’s staple offerings include Website Development with an focus on WORDPRESS and high-end Digital Cinema Imaging produced for distribution on websites, social media, local/network Television Broadcast, Satellite and Cable.

Social and other distribution channels include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Jump/Thumb drives, Cloud-based CDN [content distribution networks] on continental edge servers like AWS [Amazon Web Services] and BluRay Disc. BluRay not so much lately, but DCI has retained the capacity to author BluRay Discs.

DCI produces many brochures and creates traditional ads for magazines and outdoor advertising, but the majority of the advertising that we develop for our clients is for Google Adwords, Facebook, HTML5 Banners for high traffic Trade/Industry portals, Forums and more.

With a history of always pushing the frontier of innovative technologies, DCI offers best-in-class platforms for WordPress hosting and backend website application development and API integration.

With Clients that include over a dozen Fortune 500 firms and hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses, DCI has the experience, resources and capacity to develop Maximum Solutions for Maximum Results!