Fundraising Clients and Projects

  • Digiscan

    – First Video Raised $250k
    – Second Video Raised $2.4 million
    Optical signature verification system, with technology acquired from ROC computers in the U.K. Benefactors included principles of Cushman & Wakefield in NYC.

  • Calamar Productions – NYC.

    – Developed business plan, marketing video and animated renderings that raised $8 million Industrial Revenue Bond, $7 million private equity and $5 million in conventional debt to fund a movie studio project, partnered with a major Hollywood Studio.

  • Motion Pictures, Inc.

    – Produced fundraising video that raised $500k for equipment and start-up operations
    – Developed software and engineered a broadcast studio to automate the process of transferring photos to video, using pre-produced custom sound tracks, animation and custom titles. National accounts for this technology included Century 21 and Glamour Shots.

  • Holy Cross Episcopal Church

    – Video & CD-Rom for a $6 Million Capital Campaign, which helped build the new facilities at The Church of the Holy Cross on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

  • Politics Online

    – Developed the first national-level web-based fundraising Clearing House Solution using real-time credit card and ACH batch integration using a custom built API
    – The platform served hundreds of campaigns nationwide
    – Developed for Phil Noble, who ran President Bill Clinton’s online campaigns. After operating it for several years, Noble reportedly sold the platform in a multi-million dollar transaction.
    – DCI also developed a CD-Rom marketing tool for the political fund-raising platform.
       – Contained animated and video-based tutorials with a custom built Interactive UI that was integrated with the online platform, using an in-house developed API for rapid and secure campaign registration.

  • Political Web Sites with Fund Raising Features:

    • Draft Elizabeth Dole for VP
    • Joe Wilson for Congress
    • Condon 2002 for Governor
  • GoCode (originally ZapCode)

    – Built software prototypes and develop fundraising videos that helped raise $14 million.
    – GoCode created optical platforms developed by former members of the Mars Rover digital optics engineering team
    – Founded by Tom Pickens, son of the oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens
    – Developed the SAS eCommerce community platform and hosted the application that enabled the world’s first eCommerce transaction via a barcode scan (pre-QR code) using the smallest 2D barcode “font” in the world, developed by GoCode.
    – The platform (originally named pc2web,) was used by 19 media properties in the U.S., launched in Charleston, SC with the Post & Courier
    – The company now operates as The Code Corporation out of Utah and has offices on the East Coast and in Asia, with revenues of $35 million a year as of 2014.

  • RJR/Nabisco

    – Produced two documentary videos for test market campaigns that ran in Memphis and Chicago
    – Secured $60 million Brand Campaign Launch on behalf of Madison Avenue powerhouse FCB/Leber Katz, now just FCB and part of IPG.
    – As of 2014 the Interpublic Group is the largest conglomerate of adverting, marketing and media firms in the world.